Last day Sayonara sales

Last day Sayonara sales

Last day of my Sayonara sales! First come first served!
First come first served!
Must pickup at the latest by October Thursday 5th at 9pm in Tamachi/Mita station at my place
All pictures updated here:
– Cooking plates and utensils complete set for 2 or more: 7,000 yen
A complete set of cooking plates and tools for your kitchen and many kitchen related free items!
It's a BIG bargain
I give you free also a kitchen shelf to let all that dry after washing and smell shelf for kitchen powders etc...
Many glasses, forks and knifes, recipients etc...Plates are luxury hotels standarts
- T-fal professional steam Iron GV5240J0 (the best iron you can find on Japanese market) VERY powerful
Price: 11,000 yen
Condition is like new (used 10 times max)
1L water tank and 60g steam power!
If you take the giant size board with it I sell it 13,000 yen! (both items costed me 25,000 yen!)
Toshiba Microwave-oven: 30,000 yen
Original price was above 110,000 yen)
It is still under warranty until 2019 (I'll give the warranty receipt)
I used it less than a year.
You can litterraly cook ANYTHING you with, from cakes to bread or pizza etc...
I comes with the cooking book (very very convenient to cook very fast)
It's a special edition that include a steam mode or a so called hybrid mode, perfect for healthy cookings.
which is a very fair price (please no bargain)
I can sell the white shelf furniture for an additional 3,000 yen :)
I can arrange transportation by (between 6,000 to 10,000 yen) if you don't have a car.
You need a transportation solution
Living room low transparent table: 1,000 yen
Glass top and legs separate in 2 for transportation
Like new and very stylish
Pick up only
You need a transportation solution
Desktop / Desk for PC or work in white: 1,500 yen
I leave glued on it a USB port (removing it would damage the table but it is the perfect spot for plugging USB cables...)
I used it for about 1 year so it has a a few scratch but nothing highly visible.
It can be taken apart for easy transportation but require a car.
I can also arrange transportation (at your cost) in Tokyo with Yamato.
Size is in the pictures.
You need a transportation solution
Cross Bicycle: 12,000 yen
Pretty much good shape.
Nothing special to say about. It has its key and works well.
I will deliver the paper to change the name to the bicycle shop (500 yen).
– Magic bullet complete set: 12,000 yen
Perfect condition
The full set with manual and all accessories!
Other items
- White shelf for electric furnitures : 4,000 yen (or 3,000 with the oven)
– Sony speakers SRS D5: 3,500 yen
– Trouser press Perfect condition: 5,000 yen
– Tanita Bluetooth Scale RD-903-BK: Perfect condition: 6,000 yen (New 15,000 yen on Amazon)
– Cooking plates and utensils complete set for 2 or more Good condition: 7,000 yen
– US size iron table Good condition 5,000 yen
– Cooking plates shelf, perfect condition: 2,000 yen
– Metal Washing suspenders x 2 Perfect condition: 2,000 yen
– Design Lamp (Color is actually a sweet amber color) Perfect condition: 5,000 yen
– Bathroom shelf x 2 Perfect condition (sorry guys, it’s without the stuff in it^^): 1500 yen
– Laundry basket (or for anything else) blue and red: 1,000 yen
– Kitchen mini shite shelf (for powders, salts etc…) Perfect condition: 1,500 yen
– Hangers set: 1,000 yen
- Curl irons good condition : 2,000 yen
– Broom set (broom + cleaning stick) Good condition: 1,500 yen
– USB 4 dock hub Perfect condition: 2,000 yen
– Rollerblades used condition: 2,000 yen

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