Sayonara sale in Minato ku

Sayonara sale in Minato ku

Sayonara sale;
18 months newly bought Ikea sofa bed (30,000 from 80,000) and dining table (33x117 cm) with 4 chairs (8000yen), 2 brand Wilkhahan chairs (10,000 each from 150,000), Japanese wooden closing desk (10,000), Kitchen wooden rack 146x40cm (8000 from 70,000), Fridge (Sharp 148x40 height 90 cm) (8000yen), Oven /Microwave Panasonic Bistro Ne-A264 (3000 from 35,000yen), Computer Monitor Cross Over (10,000 yen), Washing machine (Hitachi) 8000, Small bookshelf (2000), Ceiling lamp cover 5000yen, Kitchen curtains; (3000); living room curtains 2 windows sets 5000 yen), as well as racks and many others.
Pick up Hiroo or Azabu Juban
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