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Looking for Female Roommate, Private Room Gorgeous Apartment

Looking for Female Roommate, Private Room Gorgeous Apartment

Hey all, nice to meet you. My name is Laura. I’m an English teacher trainer at an eikaiwa, and I’m looking for a female roommate starting in September. My apartment is a 2DK, and I have one room that is 263cm x 328cm, or about 6 tatami. The apartment faces southeast, but the available room is on the north side of the apartment. The shower, toilet and the available room can be separated from the kitchen, dining room and my room by a door. The floor in the apartment is wood. The shower and the toilet are separate.

The apartment is equipped with a large refrigerator, fish oven, 3 burner stove, air conditioner, microwave, dining room table, washing machine and video door bell. There is free bike parking right below the room! The building was recently renovated so everything is brand new!

The apartment is close to Aichi Shukotoku University and Sugiyama University. It is a 12 minute walk from Hoshigaoka station and a 5 minute bike ride. If you enjoy good food and shopping, you can take a 10 minute walk and visit Hoshigaoka terrace! There are also two parks and a hospital about 5 minutes away. The area is residential and quiet.

If you want to practice English, I’m the perfect roommate. I used to teach at a university in America and have almost 7 years experience helping people learn English. You can have free English help at any time. I like to practice my Japanese, too (please help me with my speaking, haha)! Two years ago I studied abroad at Nanzan and lived with a Japanese host family for 6 months, so I work hard to be clean and polite.

I tend to sleep early and wake up early. I like to eat healthy and I enjoy cooking. If you’d like, I can teach you some American recipes. I have 3 small reptiles as pets, but they are in my room only and completely safe. I do yoga, study Japanese, and also like to play video games. I am normally a pretty quiet person and I never throw parties.

Your half of the rent is 41,800 yen. The water bill is 6000 (your half is 3000), the electricity is between 4000-8000 (your half around 2000-4000) and the gas is also around 6000 (your half is 3000). That means the average for everything is about 50,000, but can fluctuate a little depending on how much we use the aircon haha.

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