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Cheap furniture/appliance BUNDLE for sale! For single/couples moving to Tokyo - ¥6,000

Cheap furniture/appliance BUNDLE for sale! For single/couples moving to Tokyo - ¥6,000


My partner and I are moving back to Australia soon and need to sell the furniture/knick-knacks we've purchased for our small apartment here in Saitama (Hatogaya to be exact). Everything is roughly 3-6 months old and is in excellent condition.

Included in the total price of 6,000 yen is:
1 x grey floor couch (fits two people comfortably, folds flat for easy storage, clean, still in original box)
1 x small white Ikea LACK Side Table (like-new, very small markings that are not noticeable, great to pair with the couch) - here is the link to the actual product: https://www.ikea.com/jp/en/catalog/products/80352989/#/70352937
1 x white wheelie tray stand with 3 trays (used in the kitchen to hold snacks and utensils, almost brand new, no markings, great to maximise space in the kitchen as we all know how small they can be here...)
1 x hair dryer (it was a cheap one from BIC, serves its purpose, still works like new)
1 x iron (again, a cheap one from BIC, works like new, almost never used)
3 x plates, 2 x big bowls, 2 x small bowls, 2 x deep dishes (all like new, only a few months old, from IKEA)
2 x water glasses, 2 x mugs (only a few months old, like new)

We're also willing to throw in some random knick-knacks like cutlery (chopsticks, spoons, forks, knives), spice tray for kitchen, plastic shelf, etc for FREE!! If you're looking for a certain item for storage or anything, let us know and we might be able to find one around the house that's most likely unused/like-new.

- pick up ONLY from Hatogaya, Saitama (Namboku Line, Saitama Kosuku Line) - 10-min walk from the station
- cash ONLY

If you have any questions, ask away! We want to sell as soon as possible.

*Sorry, Jolteon not included! We just wanted to provide something for scale.

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