Japanese physical therapy

Japanese physical therapy

Everyone has a different life style and lives in a different environment.
As a result, most people develop an imbalance in their posture and their movements.
Using a variety of Japanese and western osteopathy techniques, I restore the balance in your body and give you exercise help. This will improve your overall health and wellbeing. I have over 15 years of professional experience in alternative medicine and Japanese traditional physical therapy and offer unique treatment that provides pain relief through delicate and sensitive manipulations. I can provide treatment for almost all physical conditions, including those related to internal organs and musculoskeletal disorders. I also provide conditioning programs that are specially made for musicians. These programs have been created based on holistic treatment techniques for musicians and musical performers. I studied these techniques mainly in France.

Fee structure
First session:13,000 yen
Follow-up session:12,000yen
*Each session takes approximately 50min.
Home visits cost an additional 2,000yen plus actual travel expenses from Hankyu Mukonosou station.

1-26-23 Tsukaguchi chou Amagasaki-shi

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