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 IKEA HEMNES Study Desk (White Stain) - ¥15,000

IKEA HEMNES Study Desk (White Stain) - ¥15,000

Excellent desk for work and study with lot of storage space. Desk alone, without the top shelf, retails for ¥39,990 in IKEA. Can deliver to address in Tokyo 23 wards in knocked-down condition. Instructions for assembly available.

* Solid wood material.
* Drawers can be mounted on the right or left. Lower drawer with file frame.
* Shelves can be tilted for storage of papers and documents.
* Small compartment in the top drawer for storage of pens and other small objects.
* Collect cables and extension cords on the shelf under the table top for clean look.
* Can place computer monitor by adjusting the middle shelf. Doors with integrated damper for smooth closing.
* Can be dismantled and reassembled for easy transportation. It is IKEA after all :-).

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