Sayonara Sale + Giveaway

Sayonara Sale + Giveaway

HP Monitor 23" - Condition:: Only 6months old - ¥8000 -
Toshiba 40" HD LCD TV - Condition:: Like new - ¥50,000 -
Toshiba 48L Washing Machine - Working - Free
5 Piece Dining Table (4 chairs) - Condition:: Few scratches on tabletop, chairs like new - ¥18,000
Computer desk + Office chair (bundle) - Free
National- Medium sized Fridge - 165L - Free
Haier - 305L - JRNF305AR - ¥35,000 -
Hitatchi Rice Cooker - ¥3,000
Plastic Shelves/Drawers - ¥500 each -
Sofa Bed - Black - Free
Lounge Chaise - Grey - Free
Queen Size Bed w/ Mattress - Free
Kitchen Cabinet - Free
Heated Kottatsu - Free

If you would like any photos, please feel free to email and I will get back ASAP.

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