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Traditional Danish Christmas Lunch + FREE Presents!

Traditional Danish Christmas Lunch + FREE Presents!

Hello everyone! Im Alex!

Christmas is getting closer day by day and what better way, is there than, to celebrate this tradition while experiencing a new culture?!

WABI SABI OSAKA will be hosting a Danish Christmas lunch the way the vikings themselves does it up in the North! Our very own Dane will be cooking traditional Danish dishes used for Christmas lunch in Denmark! The event will include both cold and warm dishes and even a game where you can win lots of presents!

The food will consist of Danish open sandwiches made with freshly baked rye bread, Danish meatballs and more. For dessert then there will be Danish Cheeses and biscuits along with excellent coffee.

The event will start at 1:00 PM and finish around 4:00 PM.
You can see the schedule below:

1:00 PM : Greetings.
1:15 PM : Food will be served in rounds.
3:00 PM : Desserts and soft drink.
3:30 PM : Pakkeleg (Famous Danish Christmas game).
4:00 PM : Finish.

The entrance price includes food, desserts, 1 soft drink for dessert and gifts for pakkeleg.
Price for this exceptional experience is only JPY3,000!

Location: INARI GLEAN cafe&bar in Namba.

Please note that most guests tend to come alone, for our events, so don't be put off if you have a friend that can't join this time. Also note that the amount of people joining is expected to be higher than the amount you see on meet up as the event is promoted on different sites.

We hope to see you for the event! ;-)



ゲストハウス WABI SABI OSAKAでは、かつてバイキングが行なっていたデンマーク様式のクリスマスランチイベントを開催します!




15:00 : デザートとカフェドリンク

会費 : 3,000円
※ フード、デザート、ドリンク1杯(コーヒーまたは紅茶)、およびプレゼントが含まれます。

場所:INARI GLEAN cafe&bar

参加人数 : 20名前後


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