Unitech 42 Inch 4K HDTV - ¥25000

Unitech 42 Inch 4K HDTV - ¥25000

I need to sell my 42 inch 4k HDTV. It's a Unitech LCK4303SH. I JUST bought it last month, but I need to leave the country for work, so you win on the price! I paid 40000¥ for it. It's like new.

I live near Magomezawa Station. You'll need to pick it up, but that's reflected in the low price. I have it on a brand new white Nitori stand with two matching bookshelves. Those were 20000¥ and 12000¥. If you buy the TV you can have the stands!

This is the listing from Bic Camera where I just bought it: https://www.biccamera.com/bc/item/6257141/

This is the manual: http://www.untcad.co.jp/tv/img/4k_TV_LCK4303SH_4903SH_catalog_A4.pdf

CASH ONLY, please.

ADDITIONALLY: SAYONARA SALE! I have a number of items I'm listing! If you want to get more than one of them, I'll give discounts. If this listing is up, the item is available.

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