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Sayonara Sale: Fringe, Microwave etc all in good condition

Sayonara Sale: Fringe, Microwave etc all in good condition

Have lots of items for sale.
Pick up from Nishi Magome, Ota-ku
Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1YcdaJe33Yrk3APp8

1. Hitachi Fridge, 2011, works great, all functions including ice-making work perfectly well. New was 320,000yen, now asking 40,000 yen
2. Yamazen Microwave, like new, almost never used, all functions are in order. New was 23,000yen, now asking 8000 yen.
3. Panasonic air-con, 2009, very powerful, good for up to 25sq.m room. In good condition, needs taking down from the wall. New was way over 100,000, now selling for 15,000yen.
4. Japanese Antique kitchen cabinet. Some bumps and several dents, but otherwise is in good condition. 5,000yen
5. A foldable dining table for four people. Like new condition. 8,000yen.
6. Black Japanese study desk with a PC stand, in good condition. 10,000yen
7. Reclining chair, very comfortable, all functions work well, 10,000yen
8. Toshiba washlet, in good condition, needs to be unscrewed and taken off the seat. 8000 yen.
9. Iron, works fine. 1000 yen
10. Pot, all thermos functions work well, 3000 yen
11. Coffee maker, in good condition, 1000 yen
12. Rice-cooker, 3000yen
13. Blow dryer, 1500 yen
14. Storage boxes, 5pcs. 3000yen each (new were 12,000 yen each)

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