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Beautiful Japanese-Style Mountain Share House

Beautiful Japanese-Style Mountain Share House

OFFER : 129,000 yen per month - inclusive of cleaning and all bills. Free laundry. A special mountain location 2 hours south of Osaka. This is a PRIVATE arrangement - not an hotel.

A large private bedroom in a large share house, plus free access to a large area for yoga or stretching (yoga equipment included). Free access to a delightful herb garden for reading or meditation or coffee. Free parking is nearby. Bus stop immediately outside. Station 15 minutes away by bus. Restaurants and cafés right outside. But almost everything closed by 5pm.

The house is gorgeous, the surroundings are breath-taking, and everything is very high quality and beautiful. There are many long hiking trails through the forest, and you can sometimes see deer.

The garden is organic and attracts birds and many beautiful insects, butterflies etc. No meat is allowed in the house.

NOTE . . .There is NOTHING to do here. It is remote. And you will be alone most of the time.

IDEAL CANDIDATE . . . a very focussed academic or professional who never leaves their computer and who appreciates high quality and beautiful Japanese style. Someone who has a thesis to write, or a long book, and who is looking for peace and quietude in the mountains.

I can also arrange for a silent retreat for one month, including high-quality vegetarian food so that you do not need to go outside or break silence. [ The food is an additional cost ]. Zabutons, blankets, blocks and other meditation equipment is provided.

There is a large Dharma library of around 600 books.

I would prefer a mature person, male or female, who is somewhat reserved, respectful and self-contained. Please be very tidy, quiet and clean.

Please write for photos and for more details.

- 129,000 yen per month paid in advance via bank transfer.

- 20,000 yen deposit - one off payment.

- Laundry and room cleaning is included. All utilities included.

- Smoking allowed in the garden.

- Moderate consumption of alcohol.

- Generally quiet or silence.

- No visitors or guests inside the house.

- Room is cleaned every few days and bedding changed on request.

- No air conditioning.

I look forward to welcoming you to your mountain retreat.

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