Business Japanese Conversation Class

Business Japanese Conversation Class

Hi, Japanese learners.
This is a Japanese class for business person, who needs to improve Japanese for business purpose, such as
1 want to enjoy a small talk with colleagues/ clients
2 want to introduce you at client’s reception
3 need to learn office related terms
4 need to know Japanese unique working style

Also, how to book a holiday, how to explain your sick symptom, how to make a soft complaint to your boss, etc…

If you are an intermediate/ advanced level’s student, you can learn “Keigo conversation”, such as how to make a presentation speech in Japanese, and how to build good communication with clients.

In each lesson, I will give you many useful business terms & phrases and you can practice them at the office immediately.

On line Lessons.
Tuition fee is 3,000yen per 1hour.
Tuition fee is 3,500yen per 1.5hour.

Lessons are held at café or your office.
Tuition fee is from 4500yen per 1hour.
Tuition fee is from 5500yen per 1.5hour.

If you have more questions about my class, feel free to email me.

Thank you

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