Moving Service.

Moving Service.

Highly experienced and licensed delivery driver will help your moving.

⭐️Distance up to 15km: 15,400JPY (Tax included).
E.g. Tokyo station to JR Kamata station (Ota- Ku) is 15km.
⭐️Distance over 15km: Please contact me for an individual quote.
⭐️Low volume/Furniture delivery: 7700JPY (Tax included)

⭐️Additional charges for the following
Weekend and Public holiday
+JPY 2,000

Third floor without elevator
+JPY 3,000

Fourth floor without elevator
+JPY 5,000

2 Round trips

Disassembling/Assembling Furniture 

No pre-visit is needed.
Please contact me for details. I will reply you with price quote.

⭐️⭐️Terms and Conditions ⭐️⭐️

* My car is a Light weighted size van. Inside size of the van is: Hight: 1240mm Length: 1955mm Width: 1386mm Please measure and accumulate the total size of furnitures you want to move.
* We ask clients to please be present and assist with the moving process.
* We don’t provide boxes for packing. Please source them at your end.
* Please pack your valuables carefully.
* We cannot accept triple door refrigerators or refrigerators over 120cm tall due to the size of the van. We can carry refrigerator with lying down size until 1900mm. However, there is risk of damaging the refrigerator so I don’t recommend it.
* Any damages to building or property made by staff will be the responsibility of our service. We do not take responsibility for damages in which the client was involved (e.g. damages to wallpaper or floor while staff and client were carrying or moving something together)
* Please cover any parking fees if onstreet parking is not available.
* Travel distances will be based on Google Maps results.
* Please ensure the refrigerator and freezer are emptied before moving.

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