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home sell ,electronic,bicycle,bike ,phone

home sell ,electronic,bicycle,bike ,phone

delivery available
sell open until October
If you take 2things I price down
I can send by cash on delivery plus 1000yen only
vacum 7000
water cooled air condition fan 9000
vacum robot 9000
microwave 9000
electric bicycle Panasonic 39000
tv Mitsubishi 32inch 16000
tv Toshiba 32inch 18000
simfree phone asus 15000
guitar 8000、electric guitar Yamaha 15000,
Base guitar 10000
Amplifier 6000
Toaster 7000
Golf set 10000

digital camera 10000
xbox 360 120gb 8000yen
violin 1/8 9000yen
acordion 10000yen
tennis racket 6000
golf set 10000
Table 6000
Microwave 10000

azus phone 15000yen
snowboard 9000
ski adult and kid 7000
child bicycle 6000
tent with 2sleeping bags 9000
Timex watch 10000
Digital camera Canon 10000
Bike Honda 35000
Electric bike kymco 40000
Base guitar Yamaha 10000
Amplifier 5000
MacBook 15000
Accordion 10000
Acoustic guitar 7000
iPad 2 32gb 12000
iPad 1 32gb simfree 10000
Nokia simfree phone800
please ask for picture

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