Sayonara sale.. everything must go

Sayonara sale.. everything must go

Sayonara sale.. most items used for less than a year

Coffee table - small chips but looks great - 2,000. Yen
H38 W90 L50

Muji Chest of drawers - 3,000 yen (purchase for 1,800 each)
Selling three H24 W24 L44.5
Selling two H18 W55 L44.5

IKEA Bench with cushions - 1,000 yen
H45 W110 L38

Mitsubishi Fridge and bottom freezer - 10,000 yen
H120 W49 L60

Rinnnai double gas Stowe - 10,000 yen
H20 W60 L43

Haier Microwave - 3,000 yen
H25 W44 L40

Yuasa electric mini heater
H36 W33 L10

Hirachi 5.0 kg washing machine. Perfect for a small balcony. Washer is in good condition
H90 W50 L50

Lamp also available

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