【Japanese tutoring】 3 STEPS to graduate from absolute beginner, Online/Nagoya

【Japanese tutoring】 3 STEPS to graduate from absolute beginner, Online/Nagoya

A Japanese course with a ‘Logical Approach’ that boosts your Japanese, from zero basic to the least minimum “conversational” level. How do I achieve it ? The following 3 steps are the answer.

【Step 1】Language is sound (1st, pronunciation)
My tutoring starts with a 1-month-long pronunciation course because everything we do with a language is sound. Listening & Speaking, we communicate by sounds. If you have misread a word and misremembered it while reading, then you’ll mispronounce it in conversations, which leads to miscommunication.

【Step 2】Flexibility to express yourself (2nd , grammar)
Then a 1-month-long grammar lessons follows. Memorizing one word does not contribute much to your Japanese, but understanding a grammar rule does. If a word is a bullet, then the grammar is a gun; it lets you shoot any bullets you like, and bullets are useless without a gun !

【Step 3】Knowing how to apply (3rd , conversation)
Finally, 2-months-long conversation lessons. Owning a weapon and using it is a different story, so learn how to use grammar (gun) and vocabulary (bullets) with the correct shooting form (pronunciation).

These 3 steps are the logical approach that can get you speak Japanese.

▶About your tutor
My name is Yutaro and I know 5 languages and have taught Japanese for 7 years, mainly in Australia. And I’m a native speaker of Japanese so my course comes with quite a depth and practicability.

-JPN 12,000 / week. (Multiple sessions accommodated, Mondays~Saturdays)
It means more lessons virtually lessen the fee. More benefit for you if you are a motivated learner.

- Nagoya or Online. (Negotiable)

▶Contact detail
yutarotutoring@gmail.com (Yutaro)

“Learn it today, use it tomorrow”


As a private tutor, there is a limit to the number of the students I can have at any one time. So avoid disappointment, please reserve your place soon. “Make the move today.”

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