Japanese cooking class

Japanese cooking class

Hi, I'm Kisshy a cooking class instructor. I've been offering Japanese cooking class for Japan visitors for 3 years. I was graduated culinary school in NYC, learned traditional Japanese cooking techniques for 2 years in Tokyo. I'm also a certified sake sommelier and certified fermented food specialist.

I start to give basic Japanese cooking class for japan expats. You will learn how to choose and cook seasonal produces and basic Japanese cooking techniques.

Monthly menus

February: Sushi roll 2 side dishes miso soup "experience Japanese February event"
march: Chirashi-sushi, 2 side dishes, dashi clear soup "cerebrating girl's day"
April: Bento box making 4 kinds of food, onigiri rice ball, miso soup "spring picnic bento box"
May: Hamburg plate Hamburg and 2 side dishes, rice, miso soup "cerebrating boy's day
June: Miso marinated grilled salmon, 2 side dishes, rice and miso soup. "miso for cooking"

Class location: Sendagaya or Yoyogi in Shibuya ward
The class offers 6000 yen per person. Opens min 2 people

website: www.foodandfriendstokyo.com
not offering the cooking class for expats on the website

Let's cook Japanese food!

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