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Is your Target JLPT(Japanese language exam) ?

Is your Target JLPT(Japanese language exam) ?

Hello, I am a professional, friendly female Japanese tutor, who works as teacher over 20 years in Hong Kong, in London and in Singapore.

Want to pass New JLPT in short time?
Want to improve your conversation skill in a short term?

Then, I can give you a big help with intensive lesson and with my original materials.

All materials for exam preparation will be included in Tuition fee.
Also you can expect many useful tips for both exam and for daily Japanese conversation.

JLPT doesn’t require candidates’ speaking ability.
But as a Japanese teacher, I strongly recommend you to learn also speaking.
I know many people, who passed JLPT 1kyuu, but still can’t speak Japanese properly.

We work together not just for the exam, but also practical Japanese and therefore,
my class is very intensive.

If you are a busy person, then we can concentrate on the exam/ business Japanese
and I'll make your personal learning plan to beat it.

My class is held at café or student’s office near JR station.
Lesson is available from 8am to 8pm

Skype lesson is also prepared if you like to save travelling time and tuition fee.
Any enquiries about Japanese lesson are very welcome.

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