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Enjoy speaking better Japanese by Skype with affordable prices

Enjoy speaking better Japanese by Skype with affordable prices

Hi, Japanese learners.
20 years experienced tutor wants students who have passion to learn Japanese.

There are many ways to learn Japanese and learning by Skype is one of them.
It may seem the best option when we consider the efficient use of time, but there are also certain downsides you should know. When you understand the disadvantage, you can conquer it and then, it is not disadvantage any more.

Disadvantages of Skype learning
1. Possible technical problems with the Internet connection, microphone, webcam, computer, etc.
Solution. . . we can work together to solve the problem and in the working process, you'll learn related Japanese words and also I will extend the session to make up the time you've missed.
2. Some people find face-to-face lessons much more convenient and nicer. There are some people, who may feel uncomfortable communicating by means of technical devices instead of talking face-to-face.
Solution. . . try once! You will find it's not bad. Video Skype lesson is very real and you will realize how effective.
3. Some people say, just enjoying free talk doesn't help to increase learners' vocabulary and I totally agree it.
Solution. . .I will try to suggest learners many alternative words and also make note for them. Learners can use my memo after class for reviewing and memorize them.

My online lesson offers reasonable price to give students chance to have more frequent lesson.
Lesson available time is 7am-11pm. (advanced payment and booking is required)
Tuition fee of spot lesson:2,000yen per 40min, 3,000yen per 60min
10 session's package is 19,000 yen/ 28,000yen

15 minute introductory lesson is available for free of charge to check Skype connecting situation and to see if you can enjoy my method.
If you want to try it, let me know your Skype account name and convenient time options.

Thank you

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