Conversation basis Japanese lesson

Conversation basis Japanese lesson

Hello, I am a professional, friendly female tutor, who graduated from Law school in Japan and finished Teacher's course in the UK.
25 year's carrier, all levels learners are available.

I know many people, who can read and write Japanese, but cannot make proper sentences. Even people, who passed JLPT, or having enough grammar knowledge, still find difficulty to speak Japanese properly.
When you lack confidence, you will be always worried about your mistakes, which would obstruct your improvement.

It's not student's fault at all. Language Schools just want students pass exams, not expect their conversation skill improved.
And some private tutors work hard to complete grammar book "Minna no Nihongo" as people believe learning grammar is the most effective method for fast improvement.
Actually, this is the way of learning English in Japan and that's the reason many Japanese are struggling in speaking English.

My class is focused on speaking and listening practice. It might be a bit stressful for students, but I can say, good stress will work for quick improvement.
Can't avoid learning grammar, but spare more time for oral practice during class.

Your lesson will be customized according to your request and target.
Class is held at cafe or student's office.
Tuition fee near Meguro, Gotanda, Kamata, Shibuya stations,
3,500yen per hour, 5,000yen per 1.5 hour
Tuition fee in other areas,
4,000yen per hour, 5,500yen per 1.5 hour

All materials and tutor's drink & transport fee are included in the fee.
Any questions about my Japanese class are always welcome.

Thank you

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