Moving Sale!

Moving Sale!

I will be moving in the second week of June 2020.
All pick up.
Please message me if interested and will send individual pictures.

1. IKEA ASKEBY Black 2 seat sofa bed.
Excellent condition
Bought 1.5 years ago.
2. IKEA TV and shelving stand unit.
Excellent condition (will dismantle upon request)
Bought 1.5 years ago.
3. Mitsubishi Refrigerator (Model MRP17Y_B)
168 L (122 liter top cabin and 40 liter freezer cabin).
Mint condition.
Bought 3 years ago.
4. SHARP Oven/Steamer Microwave (Model RESS8B)
Mint condition.
Bought 3 years ago.
5. Toshiba Dual Washer/Dryer (Model AW8V2M).
8kg wash 4.5 kg dry, Mint condition.
Bought 3 years ago.
6. Audio Technica Speakers (Model AT-SP93)
Bought 4 months ago used once or twice.
7. Articture magnetic lamp.
Bought 2 months ago. Used 2-3 times.

First come, first served.

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