Japanese PRONUNCIATION Lessons

Japanese PRONUNCIATION Lessons

I will help to make your Japanese pronunciation better for your business presentations, speechs, etc. I am a seasoned Japanese news caster in central Tokyo with more than 25 years of experience both on TV and radio. My interest in teaching pronunciation started one day when one of my American friends asked me to help make his Japanese presentation comprehensible. His Japanese was at a very basic level and frankly, difficult to understand. But after taking my lessons, he was able to finish his presentation successfully in front of Japanese clients. What I bring to the table that other Japanese teachers can’t is a knowledge of proper Japanese pronunciation used on NHK. I'd like to use my skills as a broadcaster to help make your Japanese pronunciation better. The method I use is connecting sounds in English or French to similar sounds in Japanese. For example,ウイルス (“virus”) can be hard for foreigners. But, if you start with 'yes' in French (“oui”) it is easier. So- Oui + rus, or, “ウイルス.”
Prerequisites for my lessons are that you must be able to read ひらがな and カタカナ. I can teach in English, French, or Japanese. I provide private lessons on Skype. 5,500 yen/ 50 minutes (tax included). Only serious learners please.

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