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The author of two books on scuba diving, John Chandler is a diving enthusiast and is well respected in the international dive community for his work as a photographer and an instructor. His two books, "A Diver's Guide" and "A Diver's Scrapbook," have been invaluable tools and gifts for numerous divers on Okinawa.

This latest book, "A Diver's Guide," offers directions to many of the best sites on island as well as in-water guides for snorkelers, kayakers and beach lovers. "A Diver's Guide" is broken down into sections by separating the island of Okinawa into different zones. With each dive spot listed in his book, John discusses the ease of entry, the experience level needed to dive this location, the type of coral and fish in the surrounding area, the level of visibility and the amenities found in nearby areas. John also discusses what to expect once you get in the water, the best time of year to dive the specific location and the easiest points of entry. At the end of the book, he also talks about several special dive sites, including the Yonaguni ruins and the USS Emmons. This book is a priceless resource for all divers seeking to take the plunge into Okinawa's waters.


Buyer to pick up. Or I can meet you at a convenient station in the Tokyo/Kanagawa area.

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