TEFL Qualified English Teacher - Online

TEFL Qualified English Teacher - Online

Hi Everyone, my name is Andre Locke and I am very pleased to meet you.

I am a Level 5 TEFL certified native English speaking Teacher from South Africa. I have additional certification for Teaching English Online, Teaching English One-to-One and Teaching Business English.

I have been an Entrepreneur for the past 14 years. I owned and operated 3 Boutique Hotels in the Western Cape. I trained our staff on an in-house basis in Hotel/Hospitality English.

Should you wish to improve your English proficiency, please contact me. I offer conversational English as well as formalised Business and Hospitality/Tourism English Lessons. I will do a needs analysis and tailor the lesson/s to your requirements.

My contact details:
Tel: +27712522698
Skype: live:.cid.9a523a0c93024b31
e-mail: andrelocke51@gmail.com

Conversational JPY 1,800
Formalised Business and Hospitality/Tourism lesson JPY 2,500
5 x Formalised Business and Hospitality/Tourism lessons JPY 11,875
10 x Formalised Business and Hospitality/Tourism lesson JPY 22,500

No additional fees, e.g. registration fee, course textbook and materials fees.

If you have questions and requests, please feel free to let me know anytime!

I will make sure to create a relaxed study environment that makes a positive contribution to your learning :)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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