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Sayonara Sale - Household and kids stuff

Sayonara Sale - Household and kids stuff

We reside in Meinohama area in Fukuoka.
Leaving Japan soon so selling all the stuff.
Almost Everything is brand new and in excellent condition, purchased in last 3 years.

Paloma gas stove – Model IC-N86BS-R
Purchased for 20000 yen, selling for 8000 yen

Stone dine brand utensils- Purchased for 5000 per set, selling at 1000 per set. Rarely used and in great condition. Cannot carry back due to heavy weight. (Free with paloma gas stove)

Nitori Low Table, 2 years old (1200*750*324mm)
Purchased For 7000 Yen, Selling For 2000

Mesh office chair black- Bought 3 months back.
Chair is almost new and in excellent condition.
Purchased for around 9000 yen, selling at 5000 yen or best offer price

Curtain set –
Large curtain set 5 pieces-100*178 (door size)
Small curtain set 4 pieces 100*110 (window size)
Purchased at over 2200 yen per curtain, selling at 1000 yen per curtain-total up to 9000 yen

NEC wireless LAN router PA-WG1200HP – 2000 yen

Premium baby Cot sheet set, unused and never opened the packaging – purchased at around 12000 yen, selling at 6500 yen

Globber scooter purchased 2 years back.
It can be used in 3 stages of kids age.
Purchased for Around 13000 Yen, Selling at 8000 Yen

Ergobaby 3 position Baby Carrier
Comfortable to carry babies and infants up to 20 kg
Purchased for 13000 yen, Selling at 5500 Yen

I-candy peach changing bag
Huge storage space and sections to organize baby stuff
Unused and kept as it is
Purchased for around 11000 yen, selling for 3500 Yen

Kids lego train, train track and other toys – 1500 yen all or free with any of the above baby purchase

Two chair set – 500 yen for both

Trash bin 30 litre- 400 yen

There are some cooking utensils and kitchen ware as well. Free with above purchase

Here is the link to see the photos of above mentioned things.
However, for further detail, you can contact me on 080 4698 8183 or on my email ID.

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