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Hitachi fridge R-G6200F - great for families! (JPY85,000)

Hitachi fridge R-G6200F - great for families! (JPY85,000)

Vacuum Chilled R-G6200F (XT) [Crystal Brown]
Internal volume: 615 L

A French door type refrigerator equipped with a "fresh sleep vegetable room" that protects the nutrients and freshness of vegetables with a platinum catalyst. Equipped with a unique "vacuum chilled room". The vacuum state of about 0.8 atm suppresses the oxidation of food and protects the freshness and nutrients of meat and fish.
It is equipped with five refrigerant ports and is equipped with "multi-valve control" that switches the route with one valve according to the operating conditions. Automatic ice-maker great for summer!

Width 750 x Height 1818 x Depth 740 (excluding handle and leg cover: 738) mm
Weight: 124 kg

Original price: JPY 181,440

Pick-up only in Meguro towards end October

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